AJAX Academy Dubai Partners with Sharjah Sports Club to give Youth Players Trials

Ajax Academy Dubai partnered with Sharjah Sports Club to give talented youth football players the opportunity for trials at Sharjah Sports Club, with the goal of youth players signing to the professional club. The Ajax Academy Dubai coaches that currently manage all of our training sessions, will continue to develop talented youth players and scout potential players for trials.

“Ajax Academy Dubai seeks to give the finest possible experience for youth football players in the United Arab Emirates, and we are pleased to support young people in achieving their professional goals,” George Kazianis, CEO of Ajax Academy Dubai said.

Sharjah Sports club and our academy share the goal of developing youth players, physically and mentally, whilst helping them achieve their dreams. Our Ajax Academy Dubai teams will also play in friendly games against Sharjah Club Teams.

This partnership comes after Only4stars, the founding company of Ajax Academy Dubai, negotiated an Academy development partnership between Sharjah Football Club and Ajax Amsterdam. Our strong relationship with Sharjah Football Club, and long history with Ajax Amsterdam, give us the unique ability to provide this opportunity to our Academy players.

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