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The Copa America is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the world, showcasing the best talents from across South America. With the 2024 edition of the tournament around the corner, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate stellar performances from top players. For aspiring footballers, watching these stars can be incredibly inspiring. Coupled with the world-renowned training and development opportunities at Ajax Academy, young athletes have a pathway to achieve their dreams. 

Read the blog to learn the secrets of top players of Copa America, get inspired, and unlock your path to join Ajax Academy. 

The Inspiration of Copa America Stars

The Copa America, South America’s premier international football tournament, has long been a showcase for the continent’s finest talents. This event is a platform where players demonstrate their extraordinary skills and footballing intelligence, often catching the eyes of top European clubs. Among these clubs, Ajax Amsterdam stands out for its unique approach to player development and its commitment to an attractive, possession-based style of play.

Skills on Display

  • Dribbling:

Players like Neymar (Brazil) and Lionel Messi (Argentina) have dazzled with their dribbling prowess. Their ability to maneuver through tight spaces and evade defenders is a testament to their superior ball control and agility.

  • Passing:

Midfielders like Rodrigo De Paul (Argentina) and James Rodríguez (Colombia) have fully displayed their vision and precision. Their ability to distribute the ball effectively through short, quick passes or long, strategic ones dictates the game’s pace and creates scoring opportunities.

  • Finishing:

Strikers such as Luis Suárez (Uruguay) and Lautaro Martínez (Argentina) have showcased clinical finishing skills. Their knack for finding the back of the net, often from difficult positions, underlines their composure and sharpness in front of goal

These skills are especially pronounced in positions where Ajax excels, such as creative midfielders and attacking fullbacks. Ajax has a history of nurturing midfield maestros and dynamic fullbacks who contribute defensively and offensively.

The Ajax Way​

Ajax’s playing philosophy is possession-based, attacking football. This approach emphasizes ball control, quick passing, and intelligent movement, aiming to dominate the game through superior technical and tactical execution.

  • Possession-Based Football:

Ajax teams are trained to maintain possession, building attacks patiently from the back. This involves players being comfortable on the ball, making smart decisions, and being aware of their positioning.

  • Attacking Football:

The focus is on creating scoring opportunities through fluid, attacking play. This includes overlapping runs by fullbacks, intricate passing sequences in the midfield, and constant movement to disrupt the opponent’s defense.

Copa America stars often exemplify this style. For instance, quick passing and intelligent movement in players like Messi and Neymar align with the Ajax philosophy. Their ability to execute fast, intricate plays under pressure mirrors the type of football Ajax aspires to play.

Training Programs and Facilities Offered at Ajax Academy

  • Technical Training

Ajax Academy places significant emphasis on technical skills. Players undergo rigorous training to improve their ball control, dribbling, passing, and shooting. These sessions are designed to refine their abilities and make them comfortable with the ball under any circumstances.

  • Tactical Training

Understanding the tactical aspects of football is crucial. We train players to read the game, make intelligent decisions, and adapt to different playing styles and formations. This includes positional play, understanding team dynamics, and executing game plans effectively.

  • Physical Conditioning

Physical fitness is a cornerstone of the academy’s training regimen. Players engage in strength and conditioning programs to enhance their endurance, speed, agility, and physicality, ensuring they can compete at the highest levels.

  • Psychological Training

Mental strength is key to success in football. Psychological training, which includes sessions with sports psychologists and mental conditioning experts, helps players cope with pressure, stay focused, and maintain a positive attitude.

  • Facilities

The academy’s facilities are second to none. It features top-notch training pitches, a high-tech gym, medical and rehabilitation centers, and classrooms for theoretical lessons. The environment is designed to support the holistic development of young players.

Opportunities for International Players to Join Ajax Academy​

Ajax Academy is open to international talent, recognizing that great footballers can come from anywhere globally. Here’s how international players can join Ajax Academy:

  • Scouting and Trials

Ajax conducts scouting missions globally to identify talented young players. International players can also apply for trials through the academy’s official channels. Successful trials can lead to an invitation to join the academy.

  • Integration Programs

The academy offers integration programs to help international players settle in. These programs include language classes, cultural orientation, and support systems to ensure they feel at home.

  • Scholarships

Ajax Academy provides football scholarship programs for exceptionally talented players who may need financial assistance. This ensures that no talent goes to waste due to financial constraints.

Advice for Parents and Guardians

  • Encouraging Passion and Commitment

Parents and guardians play a crucial role in nurturing young athletes’ passion for football. Encouragement and support for their commitment to training and playing are vital.

  • Focusing on Holistic Development

Ensure that young athletes receive a well-rounded education. Ajax Academy emphasizes balancing academics with sports, preparing players for life beyond football.

  • Providing Emotional Support

The journey to becoming a professional footballer can be challenging. Emotional support from parents and guardians can help young athletes navigate setbacks and stay motivated.

  • Facilitating Opportunities

Parents should proactively seek opportunities for their children, such as enrolling them in local clubs, arranging trials, and supporting their participation in competitive matches and tournaments.

  • Trusting the Process

Joining a prestigious academy like Ajax can be a significant step. Trusting the academy’s process and the expertise of its coaches is essential for the young athlete’s development.

  • Staying Informed

Being informed about the latest trends, training techniques, and opportunities in football can help parents make better decisions for their children’s careers.

  • Creating a Positive Environment

A positive and supportive home environment can significantly impact a young athlete’s development. Encouragement, understanding, and constructive feedback are key elements.


The journey from watching top players in Copa America to joining a prestigious academy like Ajax is a dream for many young footballers. By studying the profiles of elite players, understanding the benefits and football training programs at Ajax Academy, and receiving the right support from parents and guardians, aspiring footballers can pave their way to a successful career.

Ajax Academy’s commitment to developing world-class talent and the inspiration drawn from Copa America’s top players provide a roadmap for young athletes to follow and achieve their football dreams.

Are you looking for Ajax Academy enrolment? Go ahead! We will help you develop skills for Copa America at Ajax Academy. So, go and grab this opportunity.

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